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The Initial Consultation

What to expect

The initial consultation is how we personalize your exercise future. This teleconference is important for three fundamental reasons. 

  1. First, it guides your readiness for your exercise program. 

  2. Second, we use this tele-meeting to determine the goals for your individualized program. 

  3. Third, we use this meeting to assess your current fitness. 

Step 1: Initial Discussion

The first purpose of the consultation is to discuss your readiness to begin an exercise regimen, your exercise history, your space availability, the best set-up for your computer or tablet, lighting, and safety tips.

Step 2: Establish Goals

The second goal of the initial consultation is to determine your goals for your exercise program. Generally, people have a variety of specific goals but almost all goals will come under the classification of health and well-being, fitness, and/or competition. The structure of your exercise program will depend on your goals. 

Step 3: Design a Program

The third reason for your initial consultation is for us to complete your first exercise session. We will use basic cardio-respiratory fitness, upper body strength work, lower body strength work, core fitness, and flexibility. The first session will help us determine beginning points for your one-on-one personalized exercise program.

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